Urban Agriculture and the radical imagination of the possible

Urban Agriculture and the radical imagination of the possible As I explored in an earlier blog post, the lawn remains a powerful symbol of class domination, racism, and colonialism. Understanding the socioeconomic role of the lawn means that solutions to the problems it causes cannot be found in private backyards. As a classed and moralized … Continue reading Urban Agriculture and the radical imagination of the possible

Engaging Diverse Communities Through Community Gardening

You can read the entire paper I wrote for the Bring Food Home conference here. It will be the basis of a participatory workshop this weekend and may form the basis of further research. The image for this post is from the Milky Way Garden in Parkdale, Toronto.

Lawns, class, and colonialism

Lawns – highly managed monocultures of turf grasses – seem to most people but the most ardent environmentalist to be a relatively benign phenomenon. However lawns are highly political landscapes, tied to the emergence of capitalism and settler colonialism. Lawns, as opposed to biodiverse meadows, prairies, and pastures, emerged only about 500 years ago as … Continue reading Lawns, class, and colonialism

Globalize struggle, globalize hope!

This is an incredibly important document just released by the international peasants' rights organization La Via Campesina in which they put forward a program for an international, agrocecological movement firmly rooted in social justice and popular feminism. Worth not only a read but deep engagement. I will be exploring the themes raised in the document … Continue reading Globalize struggle, globalize hope!

The Black Panthers and Food Security

Fifty-one years ago today, the Black Panther Party was created in Oakland, California. A revolutionary black nationalist party, the Black Panthers made crucial connections between white supremacy and capitalism in the United States. They are largely known for their struggles over the rights of black people to carry guns in California state without police repression. … Continue reading The Black Panthers and Food Security

International Permaculture Convergence India

I am very excited to be part of the upcoming International Permaculture Convergence and Conference (IPC) in Hyderabad, India which will take place from November 25 - December 2. The IPC will be bringing together permaculture practitioners from all over the world to share ideas for creating a regenerative and abundant future for all. I … Continue reading International Permaculture Convergence India