Do bees have a right to the city?

by Rebecca Ellis This is the written version of a talk I delivered at Minding Animals 4 in Mexico City on January 23, 2018. Bees are experiencing declining populations and/or … Continue reading Do bees have a right to the city?

Minding Animals, Mexico City

Off to the Minding Animals conference in Mexico City! Plenary speakers will be live-streamed on their website. I will blog about my experiences when I return (and will post a … Continue reading Minding Animals, Mexico City

Love is not enough

Is it true that “Love is all we need” and “Love Trumps Hate”? These two slogans are common at protests these days. But I am here to say love is not … Continue reading Love is not enough

Design the regenerative city: zones and sector

When people discuss permaculture design, one of the first aspects mentioned are zones, followed by sectors (or vice versa). In some books, articles and PDCs, zones and sectors are written … Continue reading Design the regenerative city: zones and sector

Teenage ecofeminist dreams!!

When I was about 16 years old, I bought a copy of the book Healing the Wounds: the promise of Ecofeminism, edited by Judith Plant at the now closed Macondo … Continue reading Teenage ecofeminist dreams!!

50 books in 2018

One of my resolutions for 2018 is to read 50 books that are important to my growth as an activist, a permaculture practitioner, and an academic. Many of them are … Continue reading 50 books in 2018

Happy New Year!!

  2017 was a difficult time for many people as well as for the Earth and her non-human inhabitants. We witnessed the intensification of climate chaos through hurricanes, wildfires, floods, … Continue reading Happy New Year!!