Episode 13: The Power of Witches!

In this special Halloween episode I explore why witches are so threatening to capitalism. I said this episode would be shorter. It wasn’t. I talk a lot. This is the last episode as Permaculture for the People. Look out for its re-emergence as The Re-enchantment: in-against-and-beyond-capitalism.

Edited to clarify: I speak about not liking ritual: what I mean is not loving following certain prescribed or rigid rituals in my personal life. I do love collective ritual like the ones I’ve experience at Witch Camps.

Resources from this episode

  1. The documentary that started it all (for me): The Burning Times
  2. Find a Witch Camp near you!
  3. A bit of Gothic Marxism from China Mieville
  4. Verso’s series of essays honouring Caliban and the Witch
  5. An article from Bitch magazine about Kiki’s Delivery Service
  6. Make sure you check out the Horror Vanguard podcast and the movies Kiki’s Delivery Service and The Witch!!
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