Permaculture for the People update

After announcing the new direction of the podcast, I have been quiet online. This is partly because I did some amazing work on my PhD dissertation (I wrote the full crappy first draft in six weeks- it was intense!).

It is also because I am getting ready to relaunch and reformulate the whole blog and my in-person permaculture work, as well as make a new intro and exit for the podcast that reflect the new name.

So here are some updates for you all:

  • In 2020, I will post weekly blogs on Permaculture for the People (on Fridays)
  • I will also release monthly episodes of the Re-enchantment podcast beginning on the 1st of every month (maybe twice a month when my dissertation is complete).
  • In 2020, I will offer a few in-person workshops and reading groups.

The first podcast episode will be released January 1

The first of the weekly blogs will start January 3

Up-to-date workshops and presentations will be listed starting January 1.

Thanks for your patience! Happy Winter Solstice.

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