Episode 16: Permaculture Pandemic Podcast 2 – Cultivate Abundance in Uncertainty

Welcome to the 2nd of the Permaculture Pandemic Podcast episodes! In this episode I give you some important reasons why you should grow food this year in the midst of the crisis caused by the pandemic (and the recession and the mess of colonial-capitalism). I share some action tips about how to get your garden started. Cultivate abundance in the face of uncertainty!

Please note: The pandemic podcast episodes will be more raw and less edited than my usual podcast episodes. In order to make an episode daily (or close to daily) I will basically record, add my intro and exit and publish. I apologize if there are mistakes!

My Favourite Seed Companies (Eastern/Central Canada based):

  1. Hawthorn Farm
  2. Urban Harvest
  3. Heritage Harvest Seeds
  4. Ontario Native Plants – for native plants (seedlings) that native bees love!

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