About us

Permaculture for the People is a herbal farm and beekeeping operation that also offers hands-on permaculture education. It is run by Becky Ellis (farmer/beekeeper/workshop leader) with help from Sean Kaiser (beekeeper). It originated as a blog and podcast created by Becky to promote activist-oriented permaculture. The blog/podcast has a new name, The Re-enchantment, and can be found here.

Becky grew up on a small family ‘livestock’ farm in Southwestern Ontario. She developed an interest in urban agriculture in early adulthood which led her in a variety of directions including graduate studies, permaculture work, and beekeeping. She has an M.A in Anthropology (2010) and will have a PhD in Geography (2021) from Western University. Her academic work has focused on community gardening, urban commoning, urban beekeeping and pollinator gardening. She received her Permaculture Design Certificate from Earth Activist Training in 2010.

Sean is Becky’s partner. He developed an interest in organic gardening and permaculture shortly after they met. As an enthusiastic participant in their many urban agriculture adventures, he is excited for the next part of their journey as farmers and more serious beekeepers. Sean’s main passion is making art.

What does the name mean?

Permaculture is a form of ecological design aimed at creating regenerative and abundant spaces grounded in human conviviality and cooperation with each other and with non-human nature. Our endeavour aims to create spaces like that through our herb farm, gentle beekeeping, experiential education, and community herbalism.

We believe that this way of being in the world should be available to everyone. This means that we try to make our herbs and our education accessible. Herbal medicine is the people’s medicine and we hope to reflect this ethos in our work. We also believe in confronting systems of exploitation and oppression, especially as we encounter them in the agricultural system. We hope to help create better worlds for everyone – people, non-human animals, and plants!

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