Bless the bees!

While preparing my talk for the IPC India Convergence, I came across some bee videos I took on my phone in the summer. I cannot wait until next spring when I am reunited with these lovely beings. Enjoy! Video # 1: A bumble bee and a sweat bee (?) on Blue Lobelia Video # 2: … Continue reading Bless the bees!

Off to India!

The blog will be quiet for a couple weeks as I am off to the International Permaculture Convergence in Hyderabad, India! You can follow me on Instagram for pictures of the IPC - @earthygrrrl. I will write a blog post about my experiences in December.

Why vegans should support backyard hens

First: a disclaimer: I would love to have hens in my backyard (currently prohibited in my city) but if I had hens, I would not eat their eggs. Not because they will become "baby chicks" - they won't be fertilized without a rooster so there would be no likelihood of that - but because I … Continue reading Why vegans should support backyard hens

Globalize struggle, globalize hope!

This is an incredibly important document just released by the international peasants' rights organization La Via Campesina in which they put forward a program for an international, agrocecological movement firmly rooted in social justice and popular feminism. Worth not only a read but deep engagement. I will be exploring the themes raised in the document … Continue reading Globalize struggle, globalize hope!

Spring Gardening with Bees

Ahhh, spring: the leaves on trees are opening, spring flowers are blooming, birds are busy making their nests, and bees are buzzing. Gardeners start to get very excited about getting into our gardens to work the soil and plant flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Spring is the time when we get to make real our winter … Continue reading Spring Gardening with Bees

The militant roots of IWD

Today is International Women's Day - a day that is often promoted as a celebration of women; sometimes promoted as a day of protest; and rarely (in the past few decades) promoted as a day of militancy. This year, after the astonishing success of the Women's March - in which millions of women worldwide took … Continue reading The militant roots of IWD

Gaia’s Garden Forever

On December 20, 2016,  Toby Hemenway the author of Gaia's Garden and The Permaculture City died from cancer. Hemenway was an important voice within the permaculture movement for many reasons but I believe his most important contribution was his belief in and promotion of suburban and urban permaculture. I had heard about permaculture for many years before I … Continue reading Gaia’s Garden Forever

Choosing hope

It may seem wild to propose that we have hope in 2017. Many of us who believe in social and environmental justice are at our most hopeless. Climate change is worsening at rates faster than most scientists predicted; neoliberalism - which I like to think of as capitalism on steroids - is continuing to have … Continue reading Choosing hope

Why decolonize permaculture?

Part of the purpose of this project is that I want to help radicalize the permaculture movement both in how it's practiced and how it's conceptualized. It's a complicated issue, some people who practice permaculture would claim that it's not a movement at all and should not be politicized. I disagree - obviously - and … Continue reading Why decolonize permaculture?