Permaculture Women’s PDC

I am so excited and proud to be the urban permaculture teacher in a new online permaculture design course made up of an all-women teaching team. The course is organized … Continue reading Permaculture Women’s PDC

Design the regenerative city: zones and sector

When people discuss permaculture design, one of the first aspects mentioned are zones, followed by sectors (or vice versa). In some books, articles and PDCs, zones and sectors are written … Continue reading Design the regenerative city: zones and sector

Why vegans should support backyard hens

First: a disclaimer: I would love to have hens in my backyard (currently prohibited in my city) but if I had hens, I would not eat their eggs. Not because … Continue reading Why vegans should support backyard hens

Why I support rapid transit

The debate over the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has been raging in London, Ontario for weeks, recently including a highly contentious public meeting as well as instances of online … Continue reading Why I support rapid transit

Permaculture for the People!

The Earth and her people are in crisis. Devastating wars continue to tear apart cities, neighbourhoods, and families; a worldwide and vicious policy of neo-liberalism destroys pensions, fair wages, public institutions, and social programs; and systems of oppression including racism, sexism, and colonialism operate in deep and insidious ways. People are suffering. The Earth is suffering as well: the oceans grow more acidic and plastic-filled each day; a predicted 30% of species will disappear by 2050; and climate change is not only here but is happening faster than predicted. Continue Reading