Earth Magic Permaculture

In 2016 I tried to start a permaculture landscaping business called Earth Magic Permaculture. For reasons you might be able to imagine when listening to my podcast, we did not enjoy running a business.

But, we do love teaching people, holding community events, and connecting people who are active in various social movements to one another. So, we are relaunching Earth Magic Permaculture as a permaculture learning hub. We hope it will be a living and dynamic example of how to create transformative change wherever you are including if you live, like we do in the suburbs of a North American City (the belly of the beast?).

Our project involves taking our suburban backyard and making it an example of suburban degrowth based on neighbourhood resilience, social justice, multi species flourishing, and backyard food production.

We plan to offer a series of in-person workshops, community events, reading groups and more! Stay tuned, as a schedule will be published as we start planning our activities