Permaculture Women’s PDC

Permaculture for the People is proud and excited to be part of  this new online Permaculture Design Course

  • Are you fired up and ready to take on the ecological and social problems in your community?  
  • Are you looking for practical, accessible solutions to those issues? 
  • Are you eager to connect with and be inspired by others creating change within their sphere of influence?

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Permaculture Women’s Guild presents

114-hr online Permaculture Design Course, with advanced training in Social, Emotional, Personal, and Cultural applications of ecological principles and stewardship philosophies.

More than 40 Women from 13 countries have crafted an accessible, comprehensive online course for a global community of mothers, sisters, healers, activists, gardeners, problem solvers, and eco-feminists.

We’re training a new generation of permaculture designers with the skills they need to not only design landscapes and create closed-loop homestead systems, but also to manifest personal, cultural and ecological abundance.

Part of the program includes design work and review. If you are trying to bring permaculture to your city; interested in community projects for collective change; passionate about social justice; and/or interested in working in co-creation with non-human animals, I would love to be your design review teacher! If you live in Southern Ontario, I will be holding in-session community sessions so you still get the sense of connectedness and support of a residential PDC. Contact me for more details – 

Community. Connection. Meaningful work. Take a life-transforming journey with us.

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  • “I’m a working mum. Attending a two-week residential course would be impossible (and costly) for me and my family.”

  • “I thought permaculture was about sustainable, whole-system design, but all the information I see just looks like gardening and home improvement.”

  • “I have a hunch permaculture could be used for social justice and decolonization, but it seems like it’s mostly for people who own property.”

  • “What’s up with the boy’s club? Why are most of the well-known figures in permaculture men? I want to hear from more women!”

  • “I’ve been doing permaculture for years but I want to explore how the techniques can be applied to personal growth, community organizing, and long-term culture change.”

If these sound familiar, this is the permaculture course for you!

This course:

  • Includes the standard 72-hour permaculture design curriculum, plus an additional 42 hours of study and hands-on practice in cultural emergence, social justice & decolonization, seed stewardship, egalitarian group process, working with volunteers, regenerative entrepreneurship, art of hosting, designing for children, and permaculture pedagogy.
  • Is entirely online, priced on a sliding scale, and you can go at your own pace, with the expert guidance of one of our amazing female faculty members.
  • Was built by women, for women—taking into account some of the specific challenges women face when entering the practice and field.
  • Even veteran permies will benefit from our course because we offer 40 of your respected colleagues, with more than 400 years of collective experience, each presenting in depth and never-before-published material in her specific body of expertise.

To enrol head to course page – there are special early bird prices! If you have a strong interest in urban permaculture, social justice and permaculture, and/or bees (or anything else I love to talk/write about) you can request me as your design reviewer.

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