Feminism with claws and teeth

It’s International Women’s Day 2018 and it seems like women are winning. After all, major corporations are marking our day – McDonalds turned the “M” in the signs at some … Continue reading Feminism with claws and teeth

Permaculture Women’s PDC

I am so excited and proud to be the urban permaculture teacher in a new online permaculture design course made up of an all-women teaching team. The course is organized … Continue reading Permaculture Women’s PDC

Love is not enough

Is it true that “Love is all we need” and “Love Trumps Hate”? These two slogans are common at protests these days. But I am here to say love is not … Continue reading Love is not enough

50 books in 2018

One of my resolutions for 2018 is to read 50 books that are important to my growth as an activist, a permaculture practitioner, and an academic. Many of them are … Continue reading 50 books in 2018

Permaculture and activism, part 1

I am working on a presentation about permaculture as a social and environmental justice movement for this amazing conference Organizing Equality. For this presentation I have been doing some research … Continue reading Permaculture and activism, part 1